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Friday, April 08, 2005

This Weblog is On Hiatus

As if you didn't know. Now it's official. While I've enjoyed playing around with a weblog - this one - over the past few months, I've lately gotten too busy with photography work, and with my continuing job search, to put in any time here. I think it's going to remain that way for awhile.

When you want to find me on the Web, your best bet is my Yahoo 360 pages, or else on Flickr (my Flickr pictures are here). I've been playing with Flickr quite a bit lately and I once again recommend it. Photo sites, especially content rich sites like Flickr, can demand a lot of your time. But of course any time you spend there is up to you and your schedule. And any time at all can be pretty rewarding, if you're at all into photography.

I've neglected my Yahoo 360 pages since April 1. But I can see how the Yahoo 360 facility will enable me to do things I can't do with just a weblog; and to blog more personally. So I plan to get back to it very soon.

I may take up Mobile Eyes again sometime, picking up where I left off. I just don't know when, or if. So, until then, I'll say a hui ho. Yes, this is Hawaiian. Roughly translated it means, I guess, "Until we meet again." Thanks for reading. See you around.

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