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Friday, March 18, 2005


One of my favorite artists when I was but a wee teen was Nam June Paik. The Teleblaster, from Aristarkh Chernyshev at the New Age of Television, available from electroboutique, follows on the heels of Paik, and allows you to, shall we say, enhance your TV experience. No chemicals required.

As electroboutique describes it, "TeleBlaster allows mixing users' videofeed with a TV broadcast, and therefore gives unlimited possibilities for creativity: television becomes, literally, a Lego set from which users/watcher creates his/her own worlds."

Of course, you could, in the manner of Paik, accomplish the same thing by jury-rigging your own gear. Which might actually be more fun, if you actually did it. But then you wouldn't get this cool looking appliance.

Update: I sent this link to boingboing an hour before they posted it. When they did post it, it was credited to someone else. Oh, well. Hmmm, I'm thinking my time could better be spent on my own weblog. They obviously have enough readers on the lookout for them.

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