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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sony PSP News

Kutugari-san reported to be
disappointed, as well

The biggest PSP news of all, for me, anyway, is this - and it's disgusting: I've been planning for some time to be standing in line RIGHT NOW, as I type this, at San Francisco's Sony Metreon store, waiting for the midnight launch of the PSP. Problem is, I've yet to figure out how to position this with my landlord - i.e., "See this shiny new device? Cool, huh? I knew you'd like it. Your rent money is tied up in here." I still don't have a job. I was SURE I'd have one by now, but I don't. Ergo, while the rest of North America is celebrating with Sony, for me it'll just be another day.

Yes, it does suck, but I'll live, I think. When it finally happens, I won't have to wait in line.

Not to be left out entirely, however, here is a list of new links for the PSP - starting with a few from the LINUX community :) :

Linux on PSP

Linux Sony PSP

PSP Linux Project - Coming Soon (includes active discussion board)

PSP Linux (discussion)

Other current PSP links

From the clued-in:

Two from Russell Beattie, here, and here.

Playstation Portable Omegapost (Gizmodo)

PSP Review Roundup (Engadget)

Sony PSP Fashion Model Gallery (i4U)

PSP Japan

PSP: All it's cracked up to be (CNNMoney)

From the clueless:

PSP Wows - But only if you stick to games (Washington Post)

Sony PSP Great for games, not much else (Forbes)

So there you are. Something to read while in line. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a job to find. :)

UPDATE: We now interrupt this job search to bring you breaking news: The line at Sony Metreon, San Francisco.

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