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Friday, February 11, 2005

Stalking the Wild Handtop

We're still a few years away, at best, from my ideal device - which would be something about the size and shape of the Sony Ericsson P910, but with the power and capability of a good notebook - with functionality as a camera, mobile phone, mobile media center, and GPS unit, thrown in. While I'm awaiting this magical converged device, I need a smallish computer to tide me over.

I keep hoping to hear news of the FlipStart (pictured above) from Vulcan Ventures, but things might not be looking good there - a quick check of the company's site indicates that there hasn't been any press coverage since the middle of last year. And no press releases, either. Probably, they've gone back to the drawing board to update their specs, which by now are out of date.

I've considered the OQO and Sony's Vaio U computers (U70/U750P). But after looking at the specs of each, compared, not to mention their price (two grand each), the phrase that comes to mind is "not ready for prime time". And I'm a little put off by Windows XP, too, which, of course, is what all these devices (will) ship with. I'd pay someone not to use XP.

All things considered - specs, price, operating system - the device that holds the greatest interest for me is still the Sony PSP. Granted, it isn't a full blown computer by any stretch - doesn't have (or need) an operating system; but the price is reported to be right (circa $300), the functionality is exciting, and it'll be here next month.

Who knows, though, maybe by this time next year I'll be posting here, wirelessly, from my new FlipStart - or something better - and you'll be reading it on one.

I guess this post was just a roundabout way of saying there isn't really that much to say yet, when it comes to real, usable handtops. Which makes it kind of tough for sites like ultranote.com and handtops.com - not that this stops me from reading them.

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