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Friday, February 04, 2005

N-Gage NEO

UPDATE: Guess I was a little slow on the uptake with this one. Engadget points out here that this is a fake. Though a hopeful one. Thanks to Peter Rojas for pointing this out to me. I'll second Engadget's recommendation to Nokia: Find the person who did this. Hire him as a consultant.

i-Symbian has an exciting piece on a possible new N-Gage. Called N-Gage Neo, it has, interestingly, the very features I've been calling for, for months - though I'm quite sure no one at Nokia read any of my posts here, or my comments in other blogs, or cared, if they did. The features of the purported new N-Gage are just common sense fixes for widely discussed deficiencies in the previous two N-Gages, and the way the thing should have looked when it first loped out of the gate.

To wit, a bigger, landscape-aspect 262k TFT screen, and these other features:No mention of radio, or whether it will be Edge or 3G capable.

i-Symbian got this info from a Chinese site, here, and presents the N-Gage Neo as a rumor. However, we know that Nokia has repeatedly commited to maintaining the platform in the long term. And it's pretty clear that in a world of Sony PSPs, the N-Gage QD is just not on the QT. It's also obvious that such detailed images as we have here aren't likely created on someone's PC at home, just because they have a little time to kill. So I'm betting (hoping) that this is for real.

The i-Symbian site shows this other, entirely different N-Gage concept (left), one that looks much like an elongated Gameboy, but with the phone keypad obviously on the obverse side of the screen, a la Communicator. I've seen this N-Gage concept picture elsewhere, and to me it looks like an orphan idea. The pics above are of a device that shows its lineage, and look, conceptually, much more mature.

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