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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Migrating to WordPress

I'm having lately way too many frustrations with Blogger: it's slow, it's limited, the default templates are boring, and I don't have enough control over comments and other things. Maybe I'm just outgrowing it. I've also noticed that, lately, my , or only half work, and I have a hunch Blogger might have something to do with this. Lastly, I'm not all that keen on Google and its associated projects anymore, after years of being a user and somewhat reserved fan.

End result: over the next weeks I'll be migrating Mobile Eyes to WordPress. It's a bit more work, but offers the prospect of having a great deal more control. Given the WordPress Wiki, WordPress Tutorial, and other WordPress tools available on the web, the move should be quite doable. When it happens, I'll announce it here.

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