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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Not Only for Fans of Apple

I was just perusing the Unofficial Apple Weblog when I came across a pointer to the video archive of Gary Grey, Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Penn State. Professor Grey has put together what from all appearances is every Apple commercial ever aired, including an enhanced version of Scott Ridley's famous 1984 piece, which was shown only once, during the 1984 Super Bowl.

Among the other cool ads was one featuring a young Bill Gates heaping praise on the Mac.

The most interesting video of all, however, isn't a commercial. It's the only surviving footage of a boyish, beaming Steve Jobs, introducing the world to the Mac, in January, 1984. As you watch, keep in mind that this is the first time most anyone had seen a personal computer, much less one with a graphical interface - much less one that could talk. This video is really a significant find. Here it is. (It's a big file, so be patient.)

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