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Monday, January 03, 2005

Mobile Media

In a recent post, Russell Beattie laments the fact that his new Nokia 6630 doesn't do music well: no larger memory card available for it, doesn't sync well with a PC (much less a dedicated home audio device), no standard audio jack, and no Digital Rights Management. Sad, ain't it?

We are still at the point where you have to brew your own for these devices. Which, of course, is often more work than it's worth, once the novelty wears off. You can make (or convert, rather) your own music and videos for your handset (I've been doing that for a year for my 3650), but who has time? And why should we have to, in 2005?

Imagine, if there were a site you could go to, to download music, videos, TV episodes, movies, audio books, and ebooks, for, say, your 6630. Kind of like a grand version of iTunes for mobile.

Individual files could be cheap, so that they become almost ephemeral - something you download, watch, listen to, or read, and delete. I'm surprised no one's done this yet. Certainly the Sony half of Sony Ericsson is in better position to do it than anyone else.

This would really drive demand for the devices, and would be essentially taking a lesson from the iPod/iTunes pairing that has brought so much cache and success to Apple.

A standard audio jack would be nice, too. Imagine plugging your Grados into your 6630. If only there were something to listen to.

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