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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Apple iProduct

Half the world is experiencing its annual fit of Apple hysteria due to Macworld. And the other half is playing along - in the effort, maybe, to win friends and draw blog traffic. I don't want to spoil anyone's fun or wreck the game - but I just don't see anything that exciting here. Look at the Mac Mini.

A slow, stripped down CPU - no screen, no keyboard, no mouse - and proprietary RAM that costs several dear body parts. I don't think so.

The flash player - what's it called? - iPod Shuffle - isn't this flash player idea a little long in the tooth already? For a company like Apple, I mean?

Life is random. So is innovation, apparently.

Anyone who owns a stereo capable smartphone can put a 512 MB card in it - or even 1 GB. And within a year more and more people will be doing that.

Lots of people - especially Mac fans - forgive Apple all sins. I think that's because the company staved off the Microsoft monster even as everyone assumed it couldn't. Apple should be dead now. That it isn't dead is attributable only to Steve Jobs. People know that and like him for it. Me, too. But Jobs and his company are also admired for the outstanding, innovative products they make from time to time. That's what we look to Apple for.

Now that they're no longer "poor", it's time to stand up and deliver. They have billions. Apple gets, essentially, a free ride from Microsoft because the latter needs, needs desperately, to maintain a semblance of competition - and a niche player like Apple is perfect for that.

It's a disappointment when a company like Apple announces nothing innovative amid lots of hoopla. This is what's called trading on brand equity. Let's hope they don't trade on it too long. Link.

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